What We Do...

Motherhood is often a never ending cycle of repeat—dishes, diapers, dinners, and chores. Come check out why MOTS is great for moms and children alike.


Real Talk. Real change.

Experience practical teachings via a speaker, explore the topic of the day while connecting with your small group, and talk about ways you can apply it to your own life while in a nonjudgmental and supportive environment.


unleash your creative side.

Escape the mundane and try your hand at something new during Creative Activities. Not the crafty type? No worries! Our team will guide, direct, and encourage you step-by-step. A simple craft, in one sitting – unlike the never-ending laundry cycle!


Hot Coffee does exist!

Enjoy a warm, uninterrupted breakfast. Let that sink in for a moment. Fresh, hot coffee. Time to connect with other women. Are you in?

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Enjoy several other connection times like playdates for your kids and evening events for you and other moms.